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Live Healthy, Eat clean, I am fit………. Every year most of us irrespective of where we are, how old we are, how fit we are we always take this BIG NEW YEAR RESOLUTION to push ourselves more healthier& fitter.

And then as months go and days go we stand in various stages of our goal… first “claps” to ourselves the first stage of being fit is it to start with being mentally fit. Of course, we have our methods of getting strong mentally starting right from our alarm kicking hard till GF liking a 6pack image nor our next house aunty asking beta when shaddi. You should get more fit.

PS.We are so loved by others that we don’t have a choice to do. So moving to start being physically fit starts right from a morn jog for a few days followed by rigorous gyming and finally coming down to I have earned my cheat meal let me enjoy it first.

But having started relishing that hard earned cheat meal, and then comes the bomb end of the month with our goals still standing tall.

That’s when we started thinking what are we doing wrong and after many failed attempts we realized that what we took thinking healthy were actually not and in fact, they were creating reverse impact and slowing down. 

So are we trying to say the products we used or still using is wrong?  NOOOOO it’s not about the products, its only about the originality and choice of products.

So we at TheFitKart team made a journey with finding the right product and coming with a process to offer only 100% original products in affordable pricing and enabling millions of fellow fitness enthusiast/ aspirants like us to achieve the goals with genuine and healthy products.

We are not blaming anyone just that we are suggesting its better to start with your fellow fitness buddies who understand your needs better. As we know your pain and amount of efforts gone in and the bigger pain of trusting a product and getting tricked.

In this vast world, the choice is ours to take a try and achieve the goal or keep waiting in a ray of hopes…

Signing off with small thoughts.

Fellow Fitness Buddies

Team TheFitKart

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